Cloud Application

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Cloud Application

Havik Provide private encrypted cloud storage for storing private PINs and storing secret notes using available protocols on Cloud.

There are three different models that are popular today:

Private Cloud

Private cloud infrastructure is used exclusively by a single organization. Its resources are not shared by other organizations, and access to these systems is not available for the public. A private cloud environment acts as a private network, creating a secure environment for applications, services and users.

Public Cloud

Public clouds can offer low rates for data storage capacity and flexible computing power due to economies of scale. These companies own all of the hardware, software and supporting infrastructure needed to deliver the services, which customers can typically access on any device with internet access.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud environments use API technology to combine public and private clouds together into a single environment. With a hybrid cloud environment, IT organizations can share data and applications between on-premise servers and third-party public cloud applications, creating additional options for application deployment and optimization.